Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holy C&#% I love this gal's work.


In my last post -- a long time ago-- I mentioned that I love visual displays of information.  It seems this is getting really popular in the press, too.  But what I like is seeing info-graphics used by people who are not trying to show how clever of a graphic they can produce (although I have a strong desire to info-graph Downton Abby), but to actually communicate information to clients.  People who are actually trying to provide useful information in a useful way.  This gal on this site seems to do this with each post.  And her expertise is color!  Also in my last post I mention how much I like color theory, particularly how it impacts us emotionally.  So what does this post do? Combines info-graphics with the emotional impact of orange!  I could cry. In a good way.

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funcolors said...

Holy C&#% I love this post!

Thank you so much for the link to my blog, shout out and lovely comments, Marianne.

And I agree that behind every great dog is a great woman. I have two furbabies that I adore.